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Animal, Zoos
If you are fortunate enough to live close to a zoo, you are fortunate enough to have a built in practice studio for shooting wildlife photos. This is not saying you are guaranteed to get good photos, if any at all. Even in a captive environment, many animals are hang on to their nocturnal habits; being more active in the late evening, night or early morning hours. During they day they may be doing nothing but sleeping, or at least just lying around. But it’s still a great opportunity to practice using different settings on your camera, getting good focus and trying different angles. I love going to the zoo! Wish we had one here….
AZ101 Polar BearAZ103 Polar BearAZ104 Polar BearAZ105 Polar BearAZ106 Polar BearAZ107 Polar BearAZ108 LeopardAZ109 Leopard