I've been involved in many community organizations. Please check out the links to these, and other fun sites!


Montana Native Plant Society: www.mtnativeplants.org

Travelers' Rest State Park: www.travelersrest.org

Montana 4H: www.montana4h.org

Australian Shepherd Club of Montana: ascofmt.org

Race to the Sky (Montana's premier dog sled race): www.racetothesky.org

The National Bison Rane: www.fws.gov/bisonrange/nbr/

The Bannack Association: www.bannack.org

Iso Koira Kennels www.isokoirakennels.com


Several years ago the Montana Department of Transportation installed "wildlife crossings" - large culverts beneath sections of Highway 93 North, in order to allow wildlife a safe passage across a very busy highway and to cut down on animal/auto accidents.  Cameras were installed in the culverts to document the animals' use of the crossings. This link provides images from the cameras: www.peopleswaywildlifecrossings.org


My Blog: [email protected].   I love observing and tracking the natural world around me, and after keeping a journal for years I decided to try a blog. Take a walk with Mother Nature, open all of your senses to the natural world around you. If you sit quietly and observe, you'll be amazed at what you see! "In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks." - - John Muir.