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Animals, Wildlife
If you really want to test your patience, shoot wildlife photos. These are animals that will obviously not pose for you, and trying to get their attention will more often than not just scare them away. You have to learn their habits, their “hangouts” their patters and their behaviors. You have to know the right time of day - or night - they will be most active. You have to be able to sit ridiculously still and quiet for what seems like an eternity, and just when a critter shows up, you will get a terrible cramp in your leg from sitting for too long. And even with all this, there is never any guarantee that a critter will show up at all. It’s a lot of learning and studying the animals you want to photograph, but 90% of the time (some will say that number should be higher), it’s mostly just a lot of luck, and being in the right place at the right time. And if wildlife photography is your passion, I highly recommend investing in a really good telephoto lens.
AW101 BadgerAW102 Black Bear & CubsAW103 FoxAW104 FoxAW105 FoxAW106 Moose & CalfAW107 King of the MountainAW108 Mule DeerAW109 Wapiti CalfAW110 Winter White-tailAW111 BisonAW112 Black BearAW113 Sparring PartnersAW114 Fox KitAW115 PronghornAW116 Where the Buffalo RoamAW117 In the Shadow of the MissionsAW118 What's Up ThereAW119 The BachelorAW120 White-tail Buck