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Animals, Domestic
I’ve always had pets. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, a rabbit, mice, rats, snakes, lizards, toads, horses, a few chickens and a sheep (for one day, until a neighbor complained), so I’ve always had a good source of subjects to shoot photos of. As I built up my photo business I stepped back a few years and started taking photos of my current pets, and then offered to take photos of other people pets. Dogs are great, cats are not, I repeat NOT, terribly cooperative. They stare at you while you are setting up the shots, and as soon as you’re ready to press the shutter, they turn their back on you or just jump off the table and run away. It takes a LOT of patience when you’re working with animals!
AND101 FreisianAND102 Eye to EyeAND103 StrikeAND104 Four of a KindAND105 LonghornAND106 Cat in a BasketAN107 LambsAND108 LambsADP109 Puppy PalsADP110 BlondieADP_Chicken