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Photographing birds can be a real challenge. Many of them hardly ever sit still for more than a few seconds, and I have spent many a frustrating day with nothing to show for it. But like other wildlife, once you learn their habits and habitat, you have a much better chance of getting a great photo. Fortunately you have a little more leeway than with other wildlife. Once birds get used to your presence, they tend not to be quite so skittish (depending on the species, and whether or not it's nesting season). But still, it’s a lot of being at the right place at the right time. A really good telephoto lens sure doesn't hurt either!
BD101 Bald EagleBD102 Canada GooseBD103 Black-billed MagpieBD104 Tree SwallowBD105 House WrenBD106 KestrelBD107 Royal TernsBD108 Lewis' WoodpeckerBD109 Saw Whet OwlBD110 Nuthatch_Red BreastedBD111 Nuthatch_White BreastedBD112 OspreyBD113 Red Tail HawkBD114 Trumpeter SwansBD115 Sandhill CranesBD116 Northern PintailsBD117 DucklingBD118 Mallard HenBD119 Western MeadowlarkBD120 Merganser