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Black & White
I learned all about photography with black and white film. I love the moodiness of it, and they play between light and shadow, and without color in the photo, there is often more clarity in the details. I still shoot black and white sometimes, or I sometimes convert color photos into black and white. Once in a while, I find that the black and white actually looks better than the color shot.
BW101 Beaverhead MountainsBW102 Blue Ridge MountainsBW103 Hen & ChicksBW104 Buick 1938BW105 LanternsBW106 The Old CorralBW107 Garden WallBW108 Little WagonBW109 Wagon WheelBW110 Wagon WheelBW111 Wagon WheelBW112 Wagon WheelBW113 Sapphire SkyBW114 Barbed WireBW115 Barbed WireBW116 Mule DeerBW117 PeteBW118 Ready to RideBW119 The Old CorralBW120 St. Mary Mission